GeanaMarie Creations

GeanaMarie Creations is simple, elegant, fun, and maybe even a little bit sassy. Jewelry is meant to enhance your outfit, to add that finishing touch. That one perfect piece that makes you feel complete. That feeling is what GeanaMarie Creations will do. For work, a date, meeting up with friends, or a special occasion. GeanaMarie Creations can produce a quality and personalized piece for you. See something you want to tweak or recreate but with your own added personality, let’s talk. One of my favorite things to do is create pieces based on the person and their own unique personality. 

One Blue Bead by GeanaMarie Creations

One Blue Bead by GeanaMarie Creations is made to make ever bride feel complete. By taking the time to meet and talk with each bridal client, I can create pieces that not only complete the bridal outfit but also provide a timeless and flawless classical piece. One Blue Bead pieces can also be created to accommodate the wedding party. Lets sit and talk. I am positive I can create the pieces of your dreams.